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mini pine play silk


For the same reason that the cardboard box is in the National Toy Hall of Fame, I put play silks on the top of the list. Yes, it is 'just' a piece of fabric, but (!) put this fabric in the hands of a creative child and you will see what unfolds. When children are given toys that don't have a prescribed use - 'open-ended' - their imaginations are activated, their minds feel alive!

From the coos and giggles of a small baby feeling the silk against their skin, or being amused by peek-a-boo, to a child creating everything from a headscarf to a pouch, to a blanket for their doll, play silks are sure to please.

Excellent travel toy.

100% silk, hand dyed using non-toxic, environmentally friendly dyes


ethically produced in China for Sarah's Silks in a factory employing fair wage and labor practices

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