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Grimm's thread game small bobbins


It can be daunting to choose toys once a baby moves beyond the grasping and teething phase.  This toy is one that fulfills many wishes of a toddler. A very young toddler will enjoy stacking and rolling the bobbins. As they grow into the toy, they will start to do color matching, and placing the bobbins on the pegs, finally - they'll use their fine motor skills to thread with the wooden needle. A simple toy with many uses. Just the kind of toy we love.

Pictures show the set combined with small rainbow, mushrooms, balls, and rainbow strings

- wooden base with six colored pegs and matching bobbins, wooden needle, 4.5cm H x 22.5cm L

- maple and lime wood, non-toxic water based color stains, non-toxic plant-based oil

- made in Germany

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